Culture Map | 5.30.14

This week in food: Frozen beer debuts at Sway, plus 2 hot summer openings

BY LAYNE LYNCH | 5.30.14

Last week Austinites witnessed the closing of two beloved spaces — Paggi House and Garrido’s — but this week we find refuge in three new restaurant announcements. Read more to discover all that you missed in this week’s food news.
Jacoby’s to open in East Austin in July

Jacoby’s, a sprawling restaurant and general store on East Cesar Chavez, is tentatively scheduled to open in mid-July. The agriculturally ambitious project, which features a restaurant and locally
sourced farm-raised meats and fresh vegetables, was first announced last year. The owner of the project, Adam Jacoby, told Republic of Austin last summer that he was inspired to enter into his own agricultural endeavors from his parents’ business, Jacoby Feed & Seed, in Melvin, Texas.

To celebrate the exciting project, the space will host a “dinner party of all dinner parties,” the company’s press agent tells CultureMap. Stay tuned for more details as we receive them. south-austin-coffee-bar-debuts-progressive-sourthern-food-on-its-way-frozen-/