7 Austin Patios You MUST Enjoy Before October Ends (A Time to Kale)

I know a lot of Austinites are sick of hot weather by this point in the year, and I appreciate fall as much as the next person, but let’s be real. Being cold sucks, and after a few days of chilly weather we’ll all miss the sunshine and warm nights. You KNOW I’m going to start complaining about how “freezing” I am as soon as it dips under 70 on a regular basis.

Now that the worst of the heat and humidity is (probably) behind us and the colder weather has yet to settle in, take advantage of the last of our balmy evenings and party it up on some of Austin’s best patios! Here’s a list of some of my favorites – some new, some tried-and-true, but all ideal places to grab a drink in an open air environment. What more could you want?



It’s like a Pinterest board come to life! Jacoby’s boasts mason jars, lanterns, picnic tables, gorgeous views, etc. You’d never guess this little gem was off Cesar Chavez unless you knew to look for it. The fact that they have awesome steaks and good old fashioned Southern cocktails doesn’t hurt a bit, either.

What to order: STEAK! Their giant onion rings with buttermilk ranch (yes, in a mason jar). The firefly cocktail, basically an elevated whiskey sour.

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